Food is like a fuel, especially to people who are into sports as they need a proper nutrition so they could endure all the exercises and efforts. Of course, not all food is good for their state and health, so they have to be careful about what they eat. In order to optimize their performance, athletes usually follow a strict diet that contains all the proper nutrients they need. This article presents the nutrients that they cannot live without!

All kinds of berries

Raspberry, blueberry or any other berry is a fantastic antioxidant and offer the best replenishing to athletes! These are usually eaten after the physical activity in order to provide the body with the nutrients that are needed. The berries that have a darker color contain a lot more phytochemicals that “erase” the stress and the damage of muscles that occur during the exercises. Not only are these good for the everyday intake but also for long-term body health. Therefore, eat a handful of berries (if possible, mix the different species) every day to ensure that your body gets what it needs for the optimal performance.

Salmon and tuna

Salmon and tuna are types of fish that are the richest when it comes to omega-3 acids. These acids are only found in fish, at least in that exact amount. Apart from acids, the fish is a rich source of the natural protein that your muscles need for growth. Omega-3 acids are natural “cleaning solutions” for your arteries, which prevents the appearance of any heart disease significantly. The best part is that salmon and tuna can be prepared in various way – from salad, to burger and classic dish that can contain a side portion of vegetables.


The best source of natural electrolytes that are crucial for your body, especially after the exhaustive exercises, is banana. They also have a high level of potassium that your body craves for. Therefore, a banana is the inevitable part of the after-workout diet as it replenishes your body. Banana has a small number of calories so you can eat it as much as you can and you will not put on additional weight. Just make sure that you eat the greenish ones, as these are full of potassium and electrolytes, while the darker ones do not have the large amounts of these ingredients.


All kinds of nuts are the perfect food that you can eat whenever you want, as you will not gain weight eating these. The best part is that these are easy to digest, meaning your stomach will have no problem during the processing. Nuts contain a lot of fibers and antioxidants but also contain ingredients that have anti-inflammatory characteristics that are perfect for the post-workout sessions when you need to recover your body. These also decrease the level of cholesterol in your blood, which is exactly what you need for your health on the long run.