Staying in good shape is more than just hitting the gym everyday and eating the protein powder. One thing that is maybe even more important than exercising is getting the right food. Our bodies are designed so that we fill them with the food that has a good nutritional value and balance. Each deviation from the proper diet will result in getting a belly or losing weight. Therefore, the proper diet/food is the key thing in staying in the good shape. For this reason, we will give you few tips that you should follow in order to stay in good shape while you have the regular exercising sessions.

Know how much calories you need

This is very important! If you eat too much, you will put on weight. If you do not eat enough, you will become skinny and you will lose muscles. An average calorie intake on a daily basis is 1,200 for women and 1,800 for men. In order to understand how much calories you take per day, and how much you actually need, you need to have a food diary where you will write all the things you eat. If your daily intake is around 2,300 calories, you should decrease that number to 1,800 for example and get used to it. There is no point to stop eating, as you only make things worse. So, the key thing is to reduce the number of calories and burn the rest of these through regular exercising.

Healthy food is a must

We are not talking here only about eating a lot of vegetables. It is also cutting or eliminating entirely the processed food that is full of sugar. Each of your daily meals must have the proper amount of vegetables, whole grains, fruit, proteins while keeping the fat at low. Also, you need to eat regularly and at the same time everyday so your body could get used to the diet. Make sure you take a “recovery snack” after the exercising, so your body could get the required minerals and everything it needs for the muscle recovery. Also, try to switch to yogurt that contains no fat and try to cut down your meals “in half” meaning instead you eat the whole tune sandwich, eat a half of it. The key thing is to have the proper intake of calories, not to eat too much.

Avoid processed food

Although you can eat it from time to time, the best thing would be to avoid this completely as processed food contains a lot of sugar. A too much of this sugar in your body will result in fat, especially if you do not burn this sugar through the physical activity. Chips, carbonated drinks, sweet juices and processed meat is the type of food you MUST avoid. Instead, replace these with fruit or products that contain no sugar. Sugar is the biggest enemy to our bodies and we need to limit the intake of it.